Saturday, 12 September 2015

Back To School Tips + Hacks

Create A Timetable:
-Start the timetable from when you get home from school/college, schedule time to relax and time for homework and/or revision. Only spend max of 2/3 hours per night on revision, don't stress yourself out too much ! Also allow time for extracurricular activities and your social life. This will be very useful around exams and it will keep you very organized !

-Struggling to know what to revise? Find past papers from the exam board you are doing and practice doing the questions. This allows you to get used of the exam style questions and more prepared for the exam. If you are not sure ask your teacher ! This is especially useful for maths and science.

-When revising don't copy a whole textbook out , just bullet point the most important points !

-If you are revising for a long period of time make sure you have ten minute breaks every hour or so ! Also revise one subject for one hour and then change to a different subject to avoid getting bored !

-Can't get motivated to revise? Place sticky notes around your room with goals and targets you want to achieve e.g if you need to get into college/university write down the grades you need to get it. 

-Keep forgetting to do your homework? Download The Homework App or set a reminder on your phone for when it is due and you will never forget it again !

-Colour coordinate your school timetable with your books, highlight each lesson/subject on your timetable that is the same colour as your subject book. This lets you easily see what books you need for the day just by the colour !

-Keep a folder/file at home for each of your subjects to put in loose sheets, homework and notes.

Hopefully this will help you for another year at school/college !

Hope x

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